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Our aim is to provide our clients and society with a new seamless and streamlined solution to finding and leasing an apartment and making as easy as ordering a Uber eats or taxi.

The platform promotes and automates the gathering of information from iCardees (“renters”) and OP (“landlords”) and then provides easy matching functionality between the renter and landlord on a transactional driven interaction.  

What we have achieved is to take the hassle out of renting a new home by resetting the focus and nucleus of the current market model to the consumers being at the center of the process where all else orbits around them. We provide a transparent, pre-screened, hands on the table approach, so that every party to a transaction knows what to expect going forward and where all the expectations are searchable, discoverable and instantly transactional, so that the entire process becomes more and more hassle free.

This is achieved firstly by having the consumer create an iCardee profile with what they are seeking, when they need it, which location is suitable and their financial capabilities, such as budget, income, credit score, etc. and the ability to upload to the platform all the customary documents, i.e. W2, W4, Paystubs, Bank Statements, etc. all optional and anonymized to the public and is made visible to a the trusted party through the application process. Additionally, we are capability facilitating and proactively broadcasting an iCardee’s anonymized iCardee profile as a teasers to landlords, management agents, and license real estate professionals to speed up and shortened the cycle to find a home.

The Landlords, Management Agents, and Licensed Real Estate professionals are all empowered to set their pre-screening expectations for their Opportunities (“OP”) to eliminate the multiply iterations of a candidate’s qualification through countless phone calls, text messaging, emails, etc. only to determining that the candidate did not qualify. Virtual video staging allows the candidate to see the offering as it is, what you see is what you get, WYSIWYG, which a floor-plan and/or detached images cannot convey. So a candidate can go ahead and apply with the expectation and sufficient confidence that they will do a walk-through of the apartment or house before contract signing without buyer’s remorse, notwithstanding the risk, the process being seamless and instant.

The platform provides work-flow admin functionality to automate the entire process from application processing and status to lease creation and signing.

What have we done We have built the most powerful, dynamic, instant and drill-able search filtering system anywhere on the market today. Your search is instant and quicker, through drill-down search filters and through textual wild-card like keyword search, so no more spending hours, days even weeks, to find what you are looking, for you will know and can apply right-away. We are constantly expanding this capability as we gain experience.

We have standardized all posting with virtual tours of the actual look and feel of the space for a truly real walk-through experience, so no more gazillion pictures that sometimes include pics of other spaces and are not connected in anyway for you to get a true sense and feel of the space.

We also made it possible for all expectations for engaging the other party to be publish-able. Both parties can publish on their post, whether consumer or seller, i.e. a renter can publish what he or she is looking for, including: rent-budget, credit score, location, size, etc. with documentation to match and the seller, the landlord, can do the same, all searchable attributes.

As in the case above, We also made it possible for consumers to interact with seller exclusively, while maintaining the broker middleman model as this is needed in many transaction models.

Our Leadership

Wayne Taylor is the founder of iCardee.com, a company of Elect Property Management, LLC. which Wayne founded over 10 years ago doing real estate development, rental, sale and management. Wayne is responsible for setting the overall direction and product strategy for the company. 

Wayne is an experience New York Licensed Real Estate professional based in New York City, with over 10 years experience and as worked closely in partnership with local developers in buying, renovating and reselling properties all at a significant profit in addition to managing 4 buildings and renting countless apartments.

He comes from a successful background as a software engineer/consulting business he founded, JaronSoft, Inc., that built the first prescription processing software for Merck Medco & Co. in Montvale, NJ and was successfully rolled-out to 3,200 pharmacies nationwide in 2001, in addition, to automating the back-office business processes of major companies such as HSBC, Republic National Bank and Mount Sinai Invitro Fertilization data bank.

Mr. Taylor also comes from a family of developer, his father, whom he used to work with as a young man side-by-side with developing luxury home and hotel assets during his summer breaks from school.