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1. Can I make my iCard hidden from public view.

Yes, you may choose to make your entire profile private.

2. Can I choose to make my name hidden from public view.

Yes, you may choose to have your name hidden while OPs are browsing iCardees and reveal this information through private messaging.

3. Can I make my iCardee private.

Yes, your iCardee can be: Public, Private.

4. Is my budget a fixed amount that I am offering or required to pay.

No, a budget(cost) is a signal of your capacity, capability and only indicate a negotiable amount subject to discussion, more or less.

6. If I delete my account will my credit report file(s) be deleted also.

Yes, all uploaded files will be deleted.

7. Does my account and iCard requires approval.

Yes, we may moderate information submitted to us. We will alert you if your account is under review.

8. Does my account have an expiration.

Yes, but this may be as long a year or indefinite but subjected to our operational  requirements.

9. If an Opportunity Provider(OP) finds my iCard to be a good fit for one their offering, how will they contact me.

If you or an OP  finds an opportunity, a rental apartment, that’s a good fit for you:

    1. then you may send or be sent a message to apply using your full iCard, a soft application. If you are pre-approved by the OP,
    2. then you will be routed to complete an Hard Application which will comprise a current credit report and background check. Your application will be valid for 30 days with which you may apply to as many OPs as you choose until you are accepted. During this stage you may schedule an in-person-tour of any apartment. If you are accepted by the OP,
    3. then you will then be routed to a generated lease contract to be completed. message inviting you to apply.

Our Bookmarks, Alerts, Private Messages, Emails, ect. allows everyone access to instant monitoring, communication and engagements.

10. Do you charge a broker’s fee.

No we do not charge nor collect broker’s fee to or from the tenant or landlord as we are not a brokerage firm. We only collect nominal platform transactional fee which is assess at the completion of a lease or per services we might offer.  We do not charge pay-to-play fees. Our services are free until you have successfully close a transaction on our platform. We then assess only operational cost(s) related fee(s).